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Via miamimorningstar and SUPERCELL


Nova Esports wins first-ever Clash Royale championship!

Last weekend, Nova Esports from China became the first ever Champion of the Clash Royale championship! The team bagged the title after a tough battle that lasted for roughly 8 hours where they reached the 60 pound Golden Crown Trophy!

Via miamimorningstar


After 9 intense weeks of playing, all finalists participated in three sets: 1v1, 2v2 and King of the Hill. PONOS and Immortals experienced some technical difficulties that made them face off first and PONOS managed to come out top in the 5th game of King of the Hill, eliminating the North American Immortals.

Team PONOS via Supercell

Then the match continued between King-Zone Dragon X and Team Queso, with the latter being eliminated in the 5th game of King of the Hill.

In the end, Nova Esports managed to defeat King-Zone Dragon X and eventually beat Vivo Keyd making them the first ever world champion of the Clash Royale League! Congratulations, winner!

Champions – Nova Esports via Supercell

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