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5 best World Cup ads

We know it’s too early to be discussing the World Cup but we’re already excited about it! In anticipation of the 2022 World Cup, here are some of the best World Cup ads ever.

1.Nike Football: The Last Game

When it comes to ads, Nike is anything but boring. ‘The last game’ is a five-minute animated short-film about an evil scientist trying to turn football into a bore-fest. We absolutely love the animated footballers portrayed in this ad. The resemblance is mind blowing!

Credit: NikeHongKong

2. McDonald’s – Gol!

The World Cup ad space is big and in order for a brand to be noticed, they need to be creative and outstanding. Check out McDonald’s ad for the 2014 World Cup; we love the underlying message of how everyone, no matter what gender and age, can play the beautiful game.

Credit: MadOverAds

3. Beats by Dre – The Game Before the Game

For the last World Cup ad, Beats by Dre delivered a very simple yet meaningful message. We could all feel the heat and tension that’s felt before a big game and look at the number of personalities who were involved in the ad from Neymar Jr to LeBron James, Nicky Minaj and also Serena Williams. #wow

Credit: XAmbassadorsVEVO

4. Adidas Football – The House Match

Another ad featuring big names in the game like David Beckham, Gareth Bale, Lucas Moura and Zinedine Zidane. If only the ad was a little bit longer…

Credit: SportsBuzz

5. ESPN – Time Zone

We love the message of this ad. So simple! It’s probably not as fancy or as dramatic as other ads but it perfectly sums up the global event that happens every 4 years.

Credit: Criative Producoes

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