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5 coolest Premier League stadiums

Watching football at a well maintained stadium does contribute to the whole experience, don’t you agree? Check out 5 of the coolest Premier League stadiums.

5.Tottenham Hotspur 

Located in North London, Hotspur stadium can fit up to 62,303 people at a time making it one of the largest stadiums in the Premier League and the largest club stadium in London. Also did you know that there are two different surfaces covering the football pitch; a Desso GrassMaster hybrid grass pitch for football, and a synthetic turf surface underneath to be used for other events.

Credit: Stadia Magazine

4.Bramall Lane 

Bramall Lane is the home of Sheffield United. It is one of the oldest stadiums in the world that is still hosting professional association football matches. The stadium has an all-seated capacity of 32,609. The stadium does not only host football matches as rugby league games and boxing matches have also been held at the stadium.

Credit: FIFAUteam


Tripadvisor rated Eitihad stadium at 9.58. Let’s see what’s so great about this stadium…Previously known as the city of Manchester Stadium, it is the home of Manchester City and is the sixth-largest in the Premier League and tenth-largest in the United Kingdom. Initially built to host the 2002 Commonwealth games, the stadium has been used for many different events since then. It can fit up to 54,693 people at one time. The stadium also contains a kitchen which provides meals for up to 6,000 people on match days, press rooms, ground staff storage and a prison cell!

Credit: Time Out

2.Carrow Road

Located in Norwich, Norfolk, England, Carrow Road stadium can fit up to 43,984 people in it (27,137 seated). Like most of the stadiums on this list, Carrow Road stadium also does not only host football matches, Elton John and George Michael have all performed at the stadium.

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This stadium is first on our list because it is one of the biggest and most modern stadiums in England. It can currently fit up to 32,050 (all-seated), with future expansion plans to make it fit 50,000 people!

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