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5 crazy contract clauses in football

It’s very important to read your contract before you sign for anything if you don’t want to get conned… And in regards to that, here are some of the craziest contract clauses prepared by football clubs for famous footballers to ensure they get a return on their investment.

1.”You promise to be a good boy?”

Well, of course those are not the exact words used in the contract between Mario Balotelli and Liverpool… But it’s pretty much the gist of it. However, he really tested the patience of Liverpool’s manager back then, Brendan Rodgers – from swapping shirts with opponent Pepe at half-time to posting a controversial image on social media which contained racist references. Many believe that Balotelli was Liverpool’s worst signing ever.

Credit: Via @mb459 on Instagram

2.”I need to see my homies every 2 weeks”

Yup! That’s what Neymar wanted when he agreed to move to Barcelona and they obeyed. His friends are very lucky as they didn’t just get to hangout with one of the greatest footballers in the world, Barcelona FC also flew them in every 2 weeks to see the 28-year-old footballer.

Credit: Via @neymarjr on Instagram

3.”You cannot bite any human being anymore”

We have a newfound respect for Barcelona FC really. First with Neymar’s clause and now this… Since Suarez is known for biting opponents, Barcelona decided to include the no-biting clause in his contract. #fairenough

Credit: via @luissuarez9 on Instagram

4.”You cannot go to space”

What?! Yes, famous people really are crazy… Stefan Schwarz signed for Sunderland in 1999 and in his contract, it was clearly stated that he cannot travel to space. Schwarz once revealed that his agent had secured a place for him on one of the commercial flights to space and Sunderland was left with no choice but to include that clause in the player’s contract.


5.”I want a new house every season”

We told you right, famous people are crazy? Well, here is more proof to support our statement… German striker Giuseppe Reina signed for Arminia Bielefeld in 1996 and demanded that the club build him a new house for every year of his contract. Too bad he didn’t specify what type of house he wanted; they built him a house made of Lego for the three years of his contract! Well played, Arminia Bielefeld. Well played.

Credit: Twitter

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