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5 first interviews by famous footballers

Everybody starts somewhere and the same goes for all the big names on our list. Check out this list of first interviews by famous footballers.

1.Lionel Messi

How Messi became a great footballer is no secret…We think every single soul (at least football fans) know his story and for the thousandth time, we’re going tell you again… Well Messi was a talented young boy who was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency that didn’t allow him to do pretty much anything. After a successful trial with Barcelona, the team director agreed to sign him immediately, the club paid for all his medical expenses and the rest is history…

Credit: ieraHDTV

2.Neymar Jr.

Neymar was another talented young boy from a less fortunate background. Watch Neymar’s first ever interview and learn more about how he became successful in the video down below.

Credit: Before They Were Famous

3.Cristiano Ronaldo

OMG. This video goes way back to when Ronaldo was shy to even look at the camera directly!

Credit: Inside Football

4.Zlatan Ibrahimovic

#tbh we’re not sure if this is Ibrahimovic’s first video but we would like to believe it was one of his first few interviews. This video also proves that Ibrahimovic’s playful character was apparent even way before he was a big name in the football world.

Credit: TV4Sport

5.Eden Hazard

The 29-year-old footballer is currently playing for Real Madrid. Unlike others on this list, Hazard was raised in a comfortable environment with his parents supporting his life’s dream. Check out one of the first interviews young Hazard ever did.

Credit: Hazardices

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