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5 football coaches with anger issues

Football coaches deal with enough stress on a daily basis, from ignorant players to annoying reporters. Check out which coaches chose to take their anger to the next level in this article.

1.Alex Ferguson

He might look like he’s got everything sorted out but this 77-year-old man has shown his anger to quite a number of people. In 2003, Ferguson was involved in an argument with David Beckham in a dressing room. Ferguson kicked a football boot which hit Beckham right on his face. Later that year, Beckham was transferred to Real Madrid.

Credit: Twitter

2.Neil Lennon

Lennon is a former captain and current manager of Celtic. He is constantly angry with something; the team’s performance, refs, the other team’s manager, the list just goes on. Check out this video where Lennon was caught throwing the first punch at Jim Duffy,

Credit: Dailymotion

3.Roy Keane
Keane’s temper is not something new in the football world. When he was still a footballer, he refused to play in the 2002 World Cup over a disagreement with his manager. Richard Sadlier once told the media, “During one half-time break when the team was trailing 3-0, his decision to sit arms-folded in a chair in total silence contributed nothing to the chance of improved second-half performance.”

Credit: Daily Mail

4.Neil Warnock

Daily Mail always refers to Warnock as Mr Angry because…well, he is always angry. In the past, he called an opposing striker a ‘sewer rat’, (the player happened to be black), he was in trouble for making gestures on the touchline, he has insulted referees and the list goes on.  That is probably the reason he has bounced around from club to club.

Credit: Getty

5.Luiz Felipe Scolari

Scolari has managed more than 20 clubs and the only reason for that is because he’s insufferable. This video below is a perfect example of how he has trouble containing his anger,

Credit: Maiquelnaite

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