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5 footballers who are going to run out of money SOON

Footballers make tons of money from their salaries and endorsements deals. While some footballers really know how to manage their money, there are also those who spend their money down to the very last dime. Check out this list of footballers who have no idea how to manage their money…

1.Mario Balotelli

Balotelli was always fined for something during his days at Manchester City. He was once fined a week’s pay for breaking club curfew. That’s a lot of money #tbh! Also Balotelli spent almost RM 300K staying at the Manchester City Hotel for eight weeks when his house was under construction. We’re sure two months rent in a decent neighbourhood won’t cost him that much of money.

Credit: The42

2.Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one of the highest earning footballers in the world and he sure knows how to spend his money. Luxury cars, houses and clothes…but clothes is a necessity right? Yes, but spending RM 40K on clothes every month just doesn’t make any sense! Let’s hope Ronaldo doesn’t end up like Ronaldinho.

Credit: ChatSports


In 1975, even though he had already semi-retired from the football world, Pele decided to play with the NASL’s New York Cosmos, before retiring for good in 1977 due to financial troubles. In 1995 till 1998, Pele served as Brazil’s Minister of Sport and while at it he reportedly made gambling part of football’s income, was involved in money laundering and corruption. We hope Pele is going to be mindful of his spending after this.


4.Diego Maradona

According to an Italian news agency, Ansa, Maradona has a €37 million tax debt that he has yet to pay off. He’s technically screwed…

Credit: TalkSports

5.Paul Gascoigne

Gascoigne was a former player of Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur and Everton. During his peak years, he loved to gamble, was a heavy smoker and also had drinking problems. If you think that’s bad, he was also involved in drugs. He admitted that he spent RM10K a day on cocaine alone!

Credit: Football.London

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