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5 footballers who assaulted a referee

Sometimes footballers are not happy with the referee’s decision and may decide to attack them physically and verbally. It’s sad that such situations are considered normal in the football world. Check out 5 footballers who assaulted a referee in this article.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

Sometimes even high profile players like Ronaldo can’t control their anger… In a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona that happened back in 2017, Ronaldo pushed a referee because he was unhappy that the referee showed him a second yellow for an alleged dive in the box. He received the first yellow card for taking his shirt off while celebrating a goal. He was banned for five games due to the incident.

Credit: The Telegraph

2.Lionel Messi

Let’s go back to the El Clasico match that happened in 2009 where Messi and Raul were fighting for the ball. Raul managed to take the ball away from Messi and the referee called the foul on Messi. He failed to control his anger and pushed the referee away. What was his punishment? Nothing! Messi got away scot-free because the law for punishing players for any aggressive acts towards referees was only introduced later. 

Credit: The18

3. Gelson Martins

This is the most recent case on our list. This incident happened last February where Martins attacked the referee not once but twice. He pushed the referee once before he was shown a red card and again after receiving. He faced a 6-month suspension due to this incident.

Credit: GiveMeSport

4.Arda Turan

This is going to shock you…While playing for Atletico Madrid, Turan threw his boot in the direction of the assistant referee, when he was denied a free-kick! He was banned for 10 matches for attacking the assistant referee, three matches for insulting him and another three for threatening him.


5.Paolo Di Canio

We decided to put Di Canio on this list because of the effect of his push had on the referee. #iconic. Check out the video!


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