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5 greatest Chelsea players of this decade

Founded in 1905, Chelsea F.C. is among England’s most successful clubs. Apart from good direction and management, there is no doubt that the football club is where they are today because of the players. Check out who are the greatest Chelsea players of this decade in this article.

1.Eden Hazard

The 29-year-old footballer is currently playing for Real Madrid as a forward. Before joining the Spanish club, Hazard spent 7 years playing for Chelsea. He made around 352 appearances throughout this period and won two Premier League titles, two UEFA Europa League titles, two FA Cup titles, and one League Cup. Trophies aside, fans agree that Hazard is one of the most talented players Chelsea has ever had.

Credit: Via @ hazardeden_10 on Instagram

2.John Terry

Terry started playing for Chelsea at youth-level from 1995 to 1998. He then made his debut for the club in 1998 as a late substitute in a League Cup tie with Aston Villa. Even though Terry face was always in the gossip section; be it an extramarital affair or racial abuse allegations, no doubt he is a good defender. Terry led the Blues to their first Premier League titles in 2004/05 and 2005/06. He then helped Chelsea win two European titles – the Champions League and the Europa League – before picking up two more Premier League winner’s medals.

Credit: Via @johnterry.26 on Instagram

3.William Gallas

Now retired, Gallas was a Chelsea player from 2001 to 2006. He played as a defender and was also able to play in multiple positions across the backline. However, Gallas didn’t quite enjoy his time at Chelsea because he claimed they didn’t offer him enough money. He refused to sign a new contract in 2006. Chelsea on the hand, refused to let him go because they regarded him as an important player in the team. The club and Gallas did not part on good terms. Gallas then joined the Gunners.

Credit: Via @wgallas13 on Instagram

4.David Luiz

Luiz is currently playing for Arsenal as a centre back. Luiz’s relationship with Chelsea is quite strange #tbh. He played for the club from 2011 to 2014. He then moved to Paris Saint-Germain for 2 years before re-joining Chelsea till last year (2019). It’s obvious Chelsea loves Luiz and believe in his talents and skills. We’re not going to be surprised if Chelsea decide to sign him again in future.

Credit: Via @davidluiz_4 on Instagram

5.Gary Cahill

Cahill spent 8 years at Chelsea as a centre back. Throughout his career at Chelsea, Cahill won the UEFA Champions League and Premier League title. He also had a great work relationship with the captain of Chelsea during that time, John Terry and other team members. Chelsea has always acknowledged Cahill as a legend.

Credit: Via @garyjcahill on Instagram

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