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5 most overpaid footballers

Overpaying players has been a trend in recent years. This worrying trend is caused by many reasons such as unrealistic expectations towards players, marketing stunts and sometimes it could also be due to an honest mistake by the club. Check out 5 of the most overpaid footballers right now.


Oscar earns approximately RM 2.157 million per week at Chinese side Shanghai SIPG. He shocked the football world when he decided to move to the Shanghai-based football club from Chelsea in 2016. It’s sad how he sacrificed his chance to play in big tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League for the sake of money.

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2.Gareth Bale

We think Bale doesn’t deserve to be paid as much because he has been constantly injured for the past two years but earns just RM 80K less than Cristiano Ronaldo. We’re not saying he does not contribute to the team, it’s just that the lack of consistent presence on the pitch will definitely affect his overall performance.

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3.Yaya Toure

Currently playing as a midfielder for Qingdao Huanghai, a Chinese Super League club, Toure earns around RM 1.186 million weekly. He became famous when he joined Manchester City in 2010. Following his arrival, he helped City become one of the biggest clubs in the world. But over the years, his quality started to drop and City eventually let him go.

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4.Ousmane Dembele

Dembele is only 22-years-old and has been playing for Barcelona as a forward since 2017. According to a report, the club is currently paying him around RM 1.342 million per week. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve such a paycheck, it’s just we don’t think he has done enough throughout his career to command such salary. In fact, he earns more than big names like David Silva, Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, and Mohammed Salah.

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5.Wayne Rooney

In Rooney’s case, we guess he has achieved many great things throughout his career as compared to some of the names on this list. At least he continues to receive big bucks because of his past achievements. Currently playing for Derby County, Rooney reportedly receives RM 377K per week.

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