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Footballers with serious medical conditions

Check out our list of inspiring footballers who suffer from serious medical conditions in this article.

1.Tim Howard: Tourette syndrome

Tourette is a disorder that causes you to perform involuntarily repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. In an interview, Howard said, “It happens all the time, without any warning, and it increases the nearer an important game draws, it always occurs more when I am particularly nervous”. Howard, now retired, is still regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in U.S. soccer history, despite his illness.

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

2.Ruben de la Red: Rare heart condition

Retired in 2010, the world of football loss a promising player when Ruben collapsed shortly after the second half whistle in a match against Real Union in a Spanish Cup game due to a heart attack. He suffered a rare heart disease that requires constant medical attention.

Credit: AFP

3.Lucas Silva: Cardiac Arrhythmia

The 26-year-old midfielder is currently playing for Real Madrid (now on loan to Cruzeiro) but he was consistently forced to sit on the bench after failing the medical test at Sporting Lisbon. Currently still active in the game, Silva’s will-to recover is simply amazing!

Credit: Marca

4.Nacho: Type 1 Diabetes

Currently playing for Real Madrid, Nacho plays as a defender for the team. Even though he has been suffering from diabetes since childhood, he proved to everyone that with a strong will and support from professionals, families and friends, he can be as successful as anyone else.

Credit: Daily Express

5.Darren Fletcher: Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis or commonly known as bowel syndrome, is when a person suffers from inflammation in their intestines. Fletcher claimed that he had to go to the toilet at least 10 to 30 times a day and he would be losing a lot of blood in the process as well. He underwent 3 surgeries but was still unable to recover fully. In 2010, his condition returned and he had to take things slow.

Credit: Bleacher report

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