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How Manchester United can improve their performance

It’s been a bad few years for Manchester United F.C., maybe because Ferguson took all the luck with him when he left the club, but here are a few ways how they can improve their performance.

Hire a sporting director

Man Utd is lacking direction and that is obvious even to casual football fans. Getting a sporting director is a right move Man Utd need to consider. We’re not trying to accuse anyone here, but we honestly think Ed Woodward is partially responsible for the doom of Man Utd. Woodward is actually an accountant and investment banker who is now the chief executive overseeing the club’s operations. His inexperience in the business of transfer negotiations will soon bury the club’s name eternally.

Bid farewell to Alex Ferguson

Ferguson is one of the most successful managers of all time. He helped the club win 38 major trophies! But now, the club is suffering and fans need to learn the truth. Believe it or not, Ferguson has departed from Old Trafford for seven years but people are still talking about him as if he only left last year. It’s not that we should all forget his contributions but it’s best for us not to dwell on the past.

Reboot everything from their playing pattern to coach

If you’ve been following Man Utd’s matches in recent years, you’ll notice how the players are clueless on how to act when faced with certain challenges on the field. So we honestly think Man Utd need to reboot everything from their playing pattern to coach if they want to see changes.

Have lots and lots of patience

Old Trafford used to be a glorious place where footballers stepped into every match representing the club proudly and fans cheering on the team passionately but now, it’s just disappointment and lots of negative comments and unrealistic expectations even from the club’s own supporters. But things sure can change if footballers, fans and the management team have some faith and patience in the club. It’s going to take some time to get back to their glory days but it’s certainly not impossible.

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