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Lukaku: I miss regular life

Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku shared his experience of being in self-isolation via a video interview with Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

The 26-year-old and his team-mates are currently in isolation from the coronavirus which has absolutely stunned Italy, with the latest death count in the country having now reached 3,405 – overtaking China.

“I can’t go outside, I can’t train. It’s been nine days [I’ve been in],” said the Belgian international from his Milan apartment.

“They [Inter] got me a bike because the players live in the city centre in small apartments.

“I didn’t have space so in a group chat they said to the players “who does not have a bike or a treadmill at the house”. So there were loads of players like “me, me ,me, me me”. Two hours later they brought every player a bike.

“I miss the regular life. Being with my mum and my son. Even being with my brother and people outside. I’m thinking about everybody. It is bad.

“You can have no more contact with a human being. I miss training and playing games in front of fans. Now you start appreciating what you have.

“I’m a lucky guy. You have to be very careful because you might touch somebody and they might have the virus. My mum has diabetes and they have a higher risk to get into trouble when they get it.

“So I cannot even go home and touch her. My mum is not even going out now. She’s just going in the backyard or late at night she does her walk and then she comes back.

“I’m with my physio now. They bring me food every time as I’m on a strict diet. Every day around 12pm they send somebody from the training ground to give us the food so we keep our strict diet. I’m still on my fish and my veggies.”

Lukaku has been in amazing form since his move from Manchester United to Inter Milan with 23 goals in 35 games across all competitions.

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