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The unusual jobs footballers did post-retirement

Not all retired footballers become managers, pundits or coaches. Some of them choose to venture into a completely new field. Check out the weirdest jobs that footballers chose to do post retirement.

1.Ken Monkou: Pancake chef

If you’ve never heard of Monkou before, he is a former Dutch footballer who played as a centre back for Southampton, Chelsea and Feyenoord. He started playing in 1985 till 2001. Now he runs a Dutch pancake house in Delft.

Credit: TalkSPORT

2.Marco Gabbiadini: Guest house owner

Gabbiadini started playing football from 1985 to 2004. He played as a striker for 12 clubs and scored a total of 226 league goals. Post retirement, Gabbiadini runs a Victorian hotel in York with his family. It even won Guest House of the Year in the 1999 York Tourism Awards!


3.David May: Wine importer

May used to play as a centre back and right back for Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United. In 2006, upon retirement, he became a successful wine importer. However a year later, he moved to Dubai to coach football at a school.

Credit: Sky Sports

4.Gavin Peacock: Pastor

Peacock is a former footballer who played as a midfielder and striker for Newcastle United and Chelsea. Post retirement, he worked with the BBC appearing as a pundit for a few shows. Now he is a pastor at Calvary Grace Church in Calgary. 

Credit: Daily Express

5. Arjan de Zeeuw: Detective

Zeeuw is a retired Dutch footballer who played as a centre-back for Barnsley, Portsmouth and Telstar. Post retirement in 2009, he began working as an investigative detective, specialising in forensics.


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