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Credit: Via @realmadrid on Instagram


Top 5 football clubs with the most fans on Instagram

Here’s a list of football clubs that have more followers than you on Instagram!

5.Chelsea (20.8M followers)

Chelsea’s Instagram account is updated quite frequently and we think that’s probably why fans just can’t get enough. Not just that, every Wednesday, they run a #WednesdayWallpaper campaign which provides free wallpapers for their followers. They sure know how to keep their fans happy.

Credit: Via @chelseaafc on Instagram

4. Manchester United (34M followers)

Hats off to Manchester United because recently they launched a new campaign called IGNORED. The campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of talking about mental health. It encourages people to think about how their choice of words can affect someone else’s mental wellbeing.

Credit: via @manchesterunited on Instagram

3.Juventus (37.1M followers)

Juventus’ Instagram account strength is that they keep their fans updated with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. We’re 100% sure fans loves to see this; they love to see their favourite players arriving at the pitch, warm-up sessions and etc. It’s all about being part of the team’s experiences.

Credit: Via @juventus on Instagram

2.FC Barcelona (83.4M followers)

We’re not exactly sure which football clubs started the trend of #WednesdayWallpaper first but apparently Barcelona is also running the same campaign. Also, we love how this football club acknowledges its fans. They include the #BarcaFans, #CampNou and also #ForcaBarca hashtags which literally means strength to Barca in the bio section.

Credit: Via @fcbarcelona on Instagram

1.Real Madrid (84.3M followers)

Read Madrid post at least once a day and are very engaging on their Instagram. And the account doesn’t only focus on posting pictures, they also make an effort to post latest videos featuring their players and matches.

Credit: Via @realmadrid on Instagram

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