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Top 5 most disloyal footballers

In the past, we’ve shared with you a list of the most loyal footballers, now check out the most disloyal footballers!

1.Frank Lampard

We’re not sure if Lampard is disloyal or just a man of his words…Let’s discuss. Lampard started his career at West Ham United where his father works. When his father was fired, Lampard vowed he would never play for the club again. West Ham United went out of their way to make him stay but he refused. He then went on to play with Chelsea and to this day, West Ham supporters still hate him.

Credit: TheSun

2.Gareth Barry

Another very dramatic story, Barry spent 12 years at Aston Villa till he became club captain. In 2008, he was offered a chance to play for Liverpool but his manager, Martin O’Neil rejected it. He was so furious. In 2009, Barry finally left Villa for Manchester City. For Villa fans, he is still a traitor.

Credit: Squad Numbers

3.Wayne Rooney

Rooney joined Everton’s academy when he was nine years old. He then made his career debut at that same club in 2002. At the age of 18, Rooney signed with Manchester United leaving everyone in shock.


4.Fernando Torres

Torres handed an official transfer request to join Chelsea and was rejected. However, Liverpool then gave in and sold him in a deal that made him the fourth most expensive football player in history! He didn’t do too well while playing for Chelsea…

Credit: Planet Football

5.Ashley Cole

Cole was found guilty of being part of a tapping-up between Peter Kenyon, Chelsea chief executive, manager Jose Mourinho and his agent. He was fined by the Premier League due to the incident. A year later, Arsenal sold Cole to Chelsea.

Credit: Bleacher Report

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