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Top last-minute goals in the Premier League

Last-minute goals are really something cherished by football fans especially if they are supporting the team which scored. Check out our list of top last-minute goals in the Premier League.

Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers (13th May 2012)

This one is indeed the best last-minute goal in the Premier League history. City’s players shocked everyone that day when Edin Dzeko scored a goal in the 92nd minute, and then two minutes later, Sergio Aguero bagged another goal to help City win the English Premier League title on the final day of the season.

Credit: UW Football

Liverpool vs Newcastle United (3 April 1996)

Even though it’s a bit outdated, it was still one of the best EPL matches of all time. During the first ten minutes, both teams scored. About four minutes later, Newcastle took the lead and kept attacking Liverpool till ten minutes into the second half. Stan Collymore then saves the day for his team and fans.

Credit: Phantom FX91

Manchester United vs Aston Villa (5th April 2009)

United met Villa at Old Trafford on April 5th 2009. United open the scoring in the 14th minute and Villa then replied with two goals in the 30th and the 58th minute. In the 61st minute, Ferguson was desperate to win and substituted Nani with a 17-year-old Federico Macheda. Ferguson made the right decision when Macheda clinched a goal, earning United three points. They eventually went on to win the league.

Credit: Manchester United

Manchester United vs Manchester City (9th December 2012)

United and City were never in good terms with one another and imagine the tension everyone was feeling during this match… In the 85th minute, Van Persie scored a goal and crazy celebrations followed afterwards.

Credit: Jim Schnyder

Source: Sportskeeda

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