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5 apps to download today if you want to be fit

What a time to be alive right? Being fit is as simple as ordering fast food. You can easily download apps that will help you to plan your healthy meals and workout. If you’re a beginner and on a tight budget, you might want to download these apps to help you get started.


Credit: ShapeScale

Pros: This app provides tons of strength training programs to follow and the best part is you can basically keep track of your weights, sets and reps. Not just that, you can also keep a tab of your body measurements, rest time and more. It’s the perfect strength training app for beginners!

Cons: You need to pay for the JEFIT Elite subscription to access more workouts and the annoying ads at the bottom of the app really annoys us!

2.My Fitness Pal

Credit: StreetHawk

Pros: This app can help you set workout and diet goals. You can pre-plan your calorie intake and see which high-calorie foods you should avoid. Also, there’s a support community, tips, and motivation articles.

Cons: Not all types of food are listed on the app so you might have to think of an alternative way to keep track of your calorie intake.


Credit: ShapeScale

Pros: Some people don’t want to do a full-body workout and prefer to do targeted area workouts. Well, this app is tailored for that kind of people. Also, if you have no idea what Barbell Bench Press means, this app provides short tutorials to help you perform them.

Cons: The interface of this app is not very user-friendly. It will require some time for you to figure out where everything is but once you’ve done it, it might just be on your favourites list.


Credit: dailyfreeapps

Pros: Tracking your water intake has never been easier. You can choose which type of water container and the volume of the bottle you’re using. Also, you can set a reminder to help you achieve your daily water consumption.

Cons: If you’re the kind of person who gets irritated with the tiny notifications from apps on your phone then you’ll hate this app as it shows how much more water you need to consume on a regular basis. #ocdalert


Credit: Medium

Pros: Sworkit works closely with your goals, and they offer a few selections of fitness goals to choose from and they’ll recommend a suitable workout for you. Also, you can use the app offline!

Cons: The transitions between workouts are at times too fast, so skip this app if you’re not comfortable with it.

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