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5 food swaps to manage your sugar intake

Congratulations on your effort to cut down sugar! To ease the whole process, check out these 5 food swaps to control your sugar intake.

1. If you love soft drinks try fruit-infused water

It’s a known fact that soft drinks are loaded with sugar and we shall not bore you with the negative effects of sugar on your health. If you’re addicted to soft drinks, try fruit-infused water instead. Pick any fruits that you like, cut, squeeze and throw them in a bottle or cup of water. Let it sit in the refrigerator and enjoy! Fruits are natural sugar sources so you make full use of it in your daily diet.

2. If you love ice-cream, try a healthier version of it

Ice cream is packed with sugar and saturated fat, so when you plan to reduce your sugar intake you should consider switching ice-cream to a healthier option. Nowadays since society is becoming more health-conscious, you can easily purchase healthier versions of ice-cream. If it’s not available, time to google some healthy ice-cream recipes and try em yourself.

3. If you love butter switch to plant oils

For calorie polices out there, yes, plants oils do contain slightly higher calories than butter or normal cooking oils. One tablespoon of butter contains 100 calories while one tablespoon of plant-based oil has around 120 calories. BUT butter has a higher amount of saturated fat than plant oils which is dangerous for your body. Always look at the bigger picture when choosing your food.

4. If you love chocolates, try eating more fruits  

Chocolates also contain a lot of sugar but manage your craving by eating more fruits. This way your craving will be satisfied and your body will not suffer!

5. If you love flavoured yoghurt, go for the plain option

Flavoured yoghurt is delicious because it contains a lot of sugar. If you cannot stand the bland taste of plain yoghurt, try adding some fruits and nuts to it.

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