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5 healthy habits that can cause unintentional weight gain

There’s a saying that goes something like: too much of anything isn’t good for anyone. Apparently, this statement is also scientifically proven. Check out 5 healthy habits that can cause unintentional weight gain.

1. You work out. Religiously.

Taught you’re doing a great job of going to the gym almost every day? Think again. Not getting enough rest can raise your stress-hormone and keep them elevated. This will increase your fat storage. If you really want to hit the gym every day, then make sure to do interval training. Avoid spending more than 30 minutes working out at the gym if you’re planning to go every day. According to researchers at the University of Western Australia, a 20-minute interval workout is more effective than a 40-minute workout at a steady pace.

2.Too much of healthy fats

Congratulations on including healthy fats in your diet as it is important for cell growth. However, too much of healthy fats is not good because it will increase our cholesterol levels. National health service advises women to not consume more than 70g of fat a day and for the average man, no more than 95g.

3.Cutting out sugar

You’re cutting out sugar and replacing it with artificial sweeteners? That is probably the reason you’re gaining weight. Studies suggest that a common ingredient in most sweeteners- phenylalanine, could affect your metabolism and lead to weight gain.

4.Too much protein

Protein is essential for muscle building and recovery. However, Women’s Health reported that people who eat too much protein have a 90% greater risk of gaining weight. You can have it but make sure to control your portion.

5.Too much sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial but if you get too much of it, your body will start producing more belly fat. Make sure to get 6-7 hours of quality sleep daily.

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