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5 tips to strengthen your leg muscles

Leg muscles are crucial for everyone especially footballers. Find out how you can strengthen your leg muscles with these simple tips.


Stretching is probably one the easiest ways to build leg muscles but it is one that’s often overlooked by people. According to fitness experts, stretching can help decrease muscle soreness, maintain strength and limit imbalances. So, if you can rule out or even limit muscle soreness and imbalances, you can continue to work those legs and build strength.

2.Include Isometric exercises in your routine

If you’ve never heard of Isometric workouts before, then it is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle. Jeff Dolgan, a clinical exercise physiologist in Miami Beach, Florida claimed that “At the end of every set, try to hold a contracted position (like the bottom of a squat) for as long as you can. This is called an isometric contraction and will help you get stronger through the toughest parts of the range of motion,”.


According to Geoff Bagshaw, area group fitness manager for Equinox in Miami, “Intervals, short bursts of maximum effort cardio followed by rest periods, along with resistance training, will elevate the rate you burn calories, helping to torch fat, and increase lean muscle to give you the tone and definition you’re looking for”. The best thing about HIIT is, you can do it at home, no equipment or gym needed.

4. Stand up

YES, it’s that easy to work your leg muscles. In this age, we tend to sit a lot and getting out of your chair frequently will help to work your legs more. The easiest way to do it is by making sure you stand up at least 15 minutes every hour.

5.Lose the ankle weights

We get it, you really want to build your leg muscles but skip the ankle weights. They can cause stress on your ankles, knee and hip joints and also strain your ligaments. If you really need to have extra weights on your body, try using walking poles or a weighted vest.

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