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5 trendy workouts to try in 2020

How’s your fitness journey so far? Add these trendy workouts to your fitness routine to spice things up.

1.Black light yoga

It’s exactly what it sounds like, yoga under the glow of black light. Normally, the blacklight yoga classes will take place in a pitch-black room, illuminated only by overhead UV lights and yogis are advised to wear white or neon colours. Also, be prepared for some eclectic soundtrack of old school hip hop and RnB throughout the class.

Credit: Cosmic Fit Club

2.Pole workout

Let us be honest with you, pole dancing is not easy. It will strengthen your core and leg muscles. Not just that, your arm and coordination will also be tested throughout your pole dancing class. So, are you up for the challenge?

Credit: DRAGONFLY brand

3.Aerial workout

Always wondered what would it feel like to fly. Well…aerial fitness could give you a glimpse of what flying would feel like. Be it aerial yoga or aerial hoop, you will be needing a 30-foot ribbon hung from the ceiling and your willpower of course. You can build your arm and core strength through aerial related classes.


4.Animal flow

Animal flow is a functional bodyweight movement that fuses acrobatics, capoeira, breakdancing and also gymnastics. Sounds easy…? Did we mention that you’ll be doing all the movement while staying low to the ground and engaging multiple muscles simultaneously?

Credit: Global Bodyweight training


It has been referred to as the ‘new spinning’ class, rowing is a must-try workout if you want to lose weight fast. Rowing is good for you because it’s a full-body and high intensity yet low impact workout.

Credit: Sweat Life NYC

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