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5 useless abs exercises you should stop doing

At some point in your life, we’re sure you’ve dreamed about having six-pack abs, right? If you’re still working towards it, stop doing the workouts listed in this article because they are useless and tiring!


The reason sit-up is not the best workout to achieve six-pack abs is because you’ll further flex your body, thus increasing the chances of you hurting your spine. Each sit-up imposes about 3300 N of repetitive compression forces on the spine. This force is equal to or exceeds the levels established by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health which increases injury rates. #tbh it is counterproductive. You might want to try a reach-roll-and-lift routine instead. Check out the video to learn how to do it.

Credit: Logan Sneed

2.Stationary Bike

If you want to build muscle around your abs, stay away from the stationary bike as it will only strain your neck, back, and hips! Include VersaClimber activities (if it’s available at your gym) or simply do a set of 30 mountain climbers as this exercise focuses more on your abs.

Credit: Evolve Fitness&Health

3.V-sit crunch

Also known as jackknife or pike crunch, V-sit crunch uses your core to rise up from a reclined position to a V-position. This exercise work perfectly fine for advanced exercisers with healthy spines however if you’re a beginner, take it easy. Try Physioball Ys and Ts workout instead. It will help to build your core strength, open up the shoulders and improve your overall posture.

Credit: Zach Connell

4.Side bend

We love this one cause let’s face it, it’s the easiest on this list. The theory is side bend will help you to tighten your muffin tops or love handles, and strengthen those obliques muscle but sadly it’s just in theory. You may want to try side planks to build core stability which eventually will give you your dream abs.

Credit: Howcast


Crunch-haters are probably cheering right now. Yup, you read it right, crunch doesn’t really contribute to your abs. If you keep doing this workout, you will strain your back, neck and hips. You may want to start doing the swiss-ball roll out exercise which stretches the muscles of the lower back instead of putting it under pressure.

Credit: Intosport

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