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An easy guide to becoming a WAG

Many young women dream of catching feelings for footballers and potentially become a WAG, despite all the hardships that one has to go through for claiming the title. As a WAG, you get to experience the “atas” lifestyle as well as being the arm candy of a deliciously handsome star.

But is it really easy to become a WAG? Here’s an easy guide to becoming a WAG:

Know the sport by heart

Rule #1 on becoming a great WAG is to know the sport by heart. Not only will you win the heart of your handsome hunk, it will also be easier for whenever you’re being asked about sports-related questions by other people.

Choose the right man

First of all, it wouldn’t be right if you have set your eyes on a married man because we do not condone cheaters. Secondly, it wouldn’t make sense if you hate football and then you want to go out with a famous footballer because truth is, you’ll be spending half of your time watching your man play anyway.

Dress the part all the time

WAGs are always in style from head-to-toe, even when they’re getting coffee or dropping off their kids at school. This is to avoid running into fans or the paparazzi in your sloppiest outfit.

Be prepared for some sacrifices

Your life is no longer about you. It’s going to be all about your partner. People will know you as a WAG and you will always remain a WAG no matter how hard you try to make a name for yourself. Take Victoria Beckham for example – she’s a part of one of the biggest girl group ever existed and yet she is STILL known as David Beckham’s wife until today.

Clean up your social media

You will definitely need to spring clean your social media accounts. Reason being, you will be in the public eye so don’t give anyone a chance to stir rumours about you.

Patience is virtue

You will be thrown all sort of scandal rumours as a WAG. This is because a lot of women are going to throw themselves at your man and they want to see you fail. Keep your composure, stay calm and be patient at all times – even when you feel the whole world is against you.

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Build your own brand

Once you’ve triumphed in getting your own super-athlete, you will automatically be followed by thousands of people on your social media accounts. Thus, it will also be easier for you to create your own brand. Find your niche and stick to it. If you love health and fitness just like Anna, wife of Robert Lewandowski, you should upload relevant health and fitness photos so that it’ll be easier for clients to contact you for future collaborations thus creating an income of your own.

Never stop evolving

As the WAG world evolves, you got to adapt along with it too. Always learn from other WAGs around the world and stay on trend constantly and consistently. You may never know when your WAG title can be taken away from you or be replaced by another WAG.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get WAG-gin’!

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