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Can you rely on body fat scales?

Body fat is comprised of storage body fat (the one which you always complain about) and essential body fat (if you don’t have this, you’ll die). Like most things in this world, moderation is key; too much of body fat will harm your health. Wondering how you can get your body fat reading? With modern technology, its as easy as stepping on a scale (the advanced one of course). But is it really reliable?

How does the body fat scale work?

Basically, when you step on the scale, a weak electric current will flow through your body measuring the amount of resistance from body fat. A high body resistance means a higher fat percentage and vice versa because fat is denser than muscle so it’s more difficult for a current to go through. So, to answer if its reliable or not, yes but there are many variables that can affect your body fat reading.

Variables that can affect your result

  • Pregnancy
  • Your age (these scales are not for children)
  • Your fitness levels
  • Nutrition

Also, unless you’re using the high-tech ones where it tells where your body fat is hidden, you basically cannot do much with the information. To be sure, get a professional to help you with it. Once you know where your fat is hidden then you can work with the information. Normally people who store their body fat around their midsection are prone to health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and breathing problems.

What’s the ideal body fat percentage?

Check out the tables below;

Credit: Runtastic
Credit: Runtastic

How to change your body fat reading?

If you aim to get into a healthy body fat range, do more of these,

  • Resistance training to build more muscle
  • Incorporate cardio in your workout
  • Try different activities or workouts for your body
  • Eat a lot of fiber
  • Make sure you drink enough water
  • Get quality sleep

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