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Home workout equipment you should own

Exercise equipment is a great investment especially in times like these: a global pandemic or in case aliens decide to take over the earth in the coming years… Since the world is getting scarier, you should really consider getting at least one home workout equipment.


Dumbbells are crucial especially if you’re trying to build muscle. Not training your muscles for months will prevent you from achieving your target. For beginners you may want to opt for the 3kg, 5kg and 8kg pairs. Also there are endless at-home workout guides that use dumbbells on the internet that you can refer to.

2.Jump Rope

This is probably the most inexpensive equipment on our list but  we can assure you that you’ll still burn a lot of calories with it. Jumping rope is an ‘easy’ workout that can help you to improve coordination, decrease foot and ankle injuries, and improve your  cardiovascular health. 

3.Stationary bike

We are not going to lie, this might cost you a little bit but it’s totally worth it! Cycling is a great way to get your heart pumping. Not that in the current situation; global pandemic and world economy state, our heart is pumping less than it should, but at least with the stationary bike, our heart is going to pump for a good reason.


Treadmill is one of the most common home workout equipment owned by people. Regardless of what they use it for- to run or even as an extra towel hanging rack, it’s a must-have workout equipment. Also, do you know you can do HIIT with a treadmill? Yes! Go and get it.

5.Foam Roller

Just because you’re working out at home, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any form of recovery. On your rest day, maybe you can perform an active recovery workout using a foam roller.

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