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How to start meal prepping

Meal prepping is one of the best ways to help you form a habit out of your healthy diet. If you’re just starting out, find out how you can start meal prepping.

1. Get high-quality food containers

This is so important because you’re going to store the food in the container for 3-5 days, so you need to get yourself some high-quality containers. Depending on what type of food you’re planning to prep, we suggest getting the ones that are also microwaveable. Avoid using reusable plastics as your food might become contaminated with chemicals. Best solution is glassware.

2.Plan your menu

Planning for what you want to have throughout the week will make everything so much easier. Your grocery shopping will be smooth. Also, you might want to start with a simple recipe for the first few weeks and once you get the hang of it you can start trying new recipes.

3. Learn about portion

This is another common mistake done by beginners. You either cook too much or too little. Both are detrimental and defeat the purpose of meal prepping. You prep your meals so thatyou can eat healthily and eating healthily means you need to be eating right portions. Get professional help to determine your micronutrients; how much of carbs, proteins and fats you need to consume.

4.Don’t forget to pack your snacks

Snacks are as important as your main meal. It helps to keep you full longer. Simple foods like nuts, fruits and smoothies are perfect snacks if you’re on a diet!

5.Keep going and be positive

Eating healthy is tough as when the rest of the world are enjoying their burgers and pizzas, you choose to ‘reward’ your body with whole and healthier foods instead. We honestly think you should be proud of it. Stay close to your friends who are also on their fitness journeys, so you’ll be more motivated to be healthy and fit.

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