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Solutions for healthy eating problems

Eating healthy is not easy…there are ‘obstacles’ that you need to face but fret not, we’ve come up with solutions for every healthy eating problem you may have.

Problem #1: ‘I don’t know how to cook’

You do have a point here however we’re living in 2020, so that shouldn’t be your excuse to not take care of your health. There are tons of healthy takeaway options and restaurants that can provide you with a balanced and healthy meal. Also, we really think you should pick up cooking as it is actually easy- you have endless cooking recipes online and you’ll also save a lot of money. 

Problem #2: ‘I don’t have time to plan my meal’

Meal prepping can save you a lot of time and help you keep track of what you eat. But of course some of us are busy and don’t have much time to actually sit and plan out their meals throughout the week. To solve this problem you can probably list down meals as soon as you wake up, while commuting to work, etc. 

Problem#3: ‘I don’t know how to cook for one, I always end up wasting food’

We totally understand this one and the solution is pretty simple too; try cooking in a smaller pot!

Problem #4: ‘How am I going to socialise now?’

Most of us socialise during over meals and bringing your own food or having restrictions on what you can and cannot eat could potentially pose a problem. So here’s a suggestion, why don’t you have a cheat day where you can actually join your friends dining out. Cheat days are also necessary to keep yourself sane and motivated.

Problem #5: Produce goes bad

Maybe you would want to consider meal prepping for two days in advance instead of a week. You can also buy goods that can last long such as kiwi, brown rice and nuts. Also how you store the food plays a major role in making them last longer.

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