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What happens to your body when you cut sugar?

It’s not easy to eliminate sugar from your diet because believe it or not, studies have found that sugar affects the brain the same way that addictive substances such as nicotine, cocaine, and morphine do. So, a sugar detox is almost as hard as cutting off cigarettes and drugs. Now let’s see what happens to your body when you cut sugar.

1.You’re going to suffer from mood swings

The first few days or sometimes weeks is the hardest. Your body is going to crave for sugar a lot. Most people suffer from intense headaches and low energy levels. Whatever it is, keep going. You need to power through this as your sugarless journey will get better with time.

2.You’ll lose weight

Once you get past the headaches and low energy phase, you’ll realise that you are also losing weight. According to a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Kaufman said, “Sugar can be addicting, and when we decrease the amount that we eat, it also stops cravings, so we consume fewer calories and lose weight. When you eat refined sugar, your body may not get the signal that you’re full, causing you to consume too many calories and gain weight,”.

3.You’ll have a better complexion

Sugar can lead to excessive insulin spikes which trigger inflammation in the skin. As a result, your skin will be damaged. Reducing or cutting out sugar from your diet will improve your complexion and restore all the elastin and collagen in your skin.

4.You’ll sleep better

Of course, getting rid of sugar overnight will not do anything to your sleep quality, but it will improve tremendously in a few weeks’ time. The explanation behind this is foods containing high amounts of refined sugars reduce the degree of slow-wave sleep causing you to have interrupted sleep or trouble falling asleep.

5.You’ll feel better

If you’ve been off sugar for more than 4 weeks, you’ll feel better and more energetic. You won’t be craving for sugar anymore. However, don’t celebrate your sugar break-up with any kind of processed sugary food or beverages. From now on, be mindful whenever you have to consume sugar.

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