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What vitamins can stop sugar cravings?

Ahh… finally, some superfoods to help you with your sweet cravings! But is it true that some vitamins can help you curb your sweet tooth? Let’s find out in this article.

Sugar is addictive

First things first, and we cannot stress this enough, sugar is addictive. The only way to completely stop craving for sugar is to stop having it. Sugar craving is as bad as drugs and nicotine cravings. We’re not making this up as according to Robert Lustig, a doctor and expert on childhood obesity at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine; sugar accesses some of the same stimulating neural pathways as cocaine does.

B vitamins

B vitamins provide support to the metabolism and nervous system. It allows our body to metabolize carbs effectively so that the carbs we consume doesn’t go into our fat storage. In a lot of cases, carbs, especially processed ones, were not used effectively causing our body to demand it more. If our body ‘learns’ how to use carbs effectively, it will stop creating demand. Also, B vitamins are great in reducing stress; which is a known factor in why people crave for sugar.

Fish oil

Fish oil can help to control our appetite by enhancing insulin sensitivity. In case you’re not aware of what exactly insulin does, it is actually a hormone that helps the body control the level of sugar, or glucose, in the blood.


Another very useful nutrient needed by your body. Glutamine does wonders when it comes to cutting sugar cravings. When your glucose levels drop, glutamine fulfils the needs. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar, and improve your overall wellbeing!

However, before you even consider to get all these vitamins, we recommend you to seek advice from doctors or professionals. You can buy all sorts of supplements, pay a professional to help you with your diet, but if you don’t manage your sugar intake, it won’t make any difference. Good luck cutting sugar out of your life!

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