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Why you shouldn’t work out every day

Working out is necessary but overdoing it will cause harm to your body. Check out why you shouldn’t work out every day,

1.Restless sleep

Sleeping is crucial when you work out because that is the only time when your muscles grow, repair and strengthen itself. The long hours you spend working out trying to build muscles will be a waste if you don’t get enough quality sleep. According to Geoff Tripp, CSCS, certified personal trainer and head of fitness at Trainiac, “If you’re experiencing restless sleep after a string of very active weeks, you could be teetering on the edge of overtraining.”

2.Mood off

Pushing yourself too hard can cause demotivation in the long run. You’ll find it difficult to go to the gym and soon end up not going at all. A study published in Sports Health revealed that overtraining has been linked with depressive feelings.

3. You stop giving you’re 100%

Imagine having to give your 100% the very next day after a long day of hard work…Your body deserves rest. Just because you haven’t achieved you dream-body yet, you think it’s okay to torture yourself. Also, you should learn to differentiate between pushing yourself harder and torturing yourself.

4.Low appetite

Naturally, when your mood is off and you’re not getting enough sleep, you will also lose your appetite. You’re probably thinking its good especially if you want to lose weight but it can seriously mess your metabolism which is not good for your body in the long run.

5.Fat gain

Do you know that one of the signs of exercise overload is an increase in body fat? You are still going to lose weight due to all the work out but you’ll also gain body fat. Your body will elevate your stress hormones level which will lead to increased storage of body fat.

So, how often you should workout per week and for how long? Check it out, here.

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