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Be “board” no more when you download these games

With the existence of mobile phones, lots of things have been modernized for our own convenience. Even though there is less “feel” when playing with our devices; it’s convenient, it’s faster and it’s global.

So, move aside Monopoly – these are our top favourite board games turned into mobile games, you have to start playing today:


The famous Meeple board game is now available on your phone. If you’ve never played Carcassonne before – you and up to four opponents take turns picking up a tile to build routes, fields and castles to collect points!


If you have never played Ticket to Ride before – you’re missing out! The award-winning board game’s only instruction is for players to collect or play coloured cards at your turn to build railway routes across the world!



Coup, the popular board game of deception and manipulation is now available on your mobile. There are five roles that let you do things differently but at the end of the game, the goal is to be the only player left with at least one hidden card.



If you’re looking for an accurate adaptation of the classic strategy game, Risk is definitely the game! Build armies and invade opponents’ countries easily, while the app keeps track of the number of armies you have, etc. This way, you’d be able to focus on strategizing and winning!



I’ve always been huge fan of the board game, but nobody wanted to play with me because it’s such a long game. Thanks to the app, I am able to play the classic mystery game, gather my evidence and play against players all over the world, anytime I want! Also, at least now I don’t have to scribble the papers given to eliminate things.



The easy popular game was an instant hit as soon as it was released on mobile. Players are played as merchants of the Renaissance, and you are to buy gem mines, transportation and shops to get points! The goal of the game is to collect tokens to buy the gem on the table. So, the first player to have most points wins!



Created by Antoine Bauza in 2010, the board game is played using three decks of cards featuring depictions of ancient civilizations, military conflicts and commercial activity. With more than 30 gaming awards garnished, the popular board game is now available on your online store, and it only requires less than 10 minutes for you to win!



Last but not least, of course we can’t leave out the most popular board game ever – Catan! Although a little bit more complex than the other board games, it’s really additive once you get the hang of it. Create a custom pass-and-play with up to four players, or play against the computer to own as much land and materials as possible in order to be the Lord of Catan!

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