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Easy iPhone games that help release work stress

Working in a fast-paced world often leads to lots of stress. Other than exercising or meditating, one way you can release stress is by playing games. There are so many games out there in the App Store to choose from, but here are some easy-pheezy iPhone games that help with work stress:


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Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Control a stretchy pooch by swiping him to stretch through the dangerous obstacles. Collect gems along the way but don’t overstretch (or in this case, overwork) yourself and make sure not to hit the myriad of meat cutting instruments and avoid getting butchered!


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(No pigs were harmed in this game.) The only goal for this game is to toss the bacon and place it on everything. To do so, all you need is to tap the screen as the bacon flicks up from the pan and then let gravity take its course! If only work can be tossed around this easily.


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Dodge superbly speedy vehicles while you collect custom characters in this fast-paced arcade game from Hipster Whale. It kinda reminds us a lot about dodging inquiries from people while chasing after tight deadlines.


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Imagine running away from your scary boss in a glitchy black-and-white action-packed running game (think Crash Bandicoot when being chased). The crackly audio and old-school spine-chilling feels pretty much resembles stressful situations in the office.

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Challenge against your colleagues in an addictively challenging and timed trivial game. It’s a win/win situation with Quizup because not only will you be super satisfied when you win a game, you will also learn so much more through losing. At least if you’re not winning at work, you’re winning at life.


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