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Consoles that shaped the gaming world

When we talk about video games console today, PlayStation 4, XBOX One and the new Nintendo Switch will come to mind. But did you know the very first video game console was released back in 1967 and it only allowed players to control two squares chasing each other on the screen? Literally two. pixelated dots.

So, let’s go back to where it first started with a list of consoles that shaped the gaming world today:




Release date: 1972

Price at release: $99.00

Odyssey is the very first home video game console in the world with over 101 million units sold! There was no sound feature and only 3 dots were shown on the screen when connected to the TV and the dots change depending on the game you play. These things are now worth hundreds of dollars at the vintage store but I am not really sure if it’s worth every…



Release date: 1975

Price at release: $79.95

Even though the Odyssey is the first console ever made, the Atari Pong is the more famous one. Since the PONG arcade machine was very popular in 1973, Atari decided to come up with this console for gamers to play one game at home, the Ping-Pong style game.




Release date: 1977

Price at release: Approximately $400

The Color TV-Game was Nintendo’s first step into the gaming market. Released only in Japan, this game console was considered as revolutionary since it could be played with two people or against the computer!




Release date: 1985

Price at release: $89.99

Fast forward to almost 10 years, Nintendo decided to release its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the US. This is where the popular in-house titles like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Contra and many more could be played at home. The NES broke sales record and it became the best-selling console in video game history!


ATARI 7800

Release date: 1986

Price at release: $139.00

With 59 games to play from, the Atari 7800 is definitely much better than the previous Ataris. Most famous games are Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man and other traditional arcade games we all love.




Release date: 1988

Price at release: $189.99

The slightly pricey console did very well with it’s 16-bits processing chip and 3D graphics. It came with a few games pre-installed but users could buy more games separately.



Release date: 1991

Price at release: $195.00

To compete with Sega Genesis’s 16-bit processor, Nintendo released the Super NES and became the top-selling 16-bit system! I still remember having to blow through the holes of the cartridges whenever games would get stuck halfway. Oh, those were the days…




Release date: 1994

Price at release: $300.00

And here is the arrival of a video game console series that is still being used today – the PlayStation a.k.a. the PS. With CD-Rom technology, the prices of games were much cheaper than cartridges. Popular games on the PlayStation include Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Tekken and more.



Release date: 1996

Price at release: $199.99

Of course, Nintendo also “tak nak kalah” and released a 64-bit processing unit game console to beat the PlayStation. The first game to launch on the Nintendo 64 is the Super Mario 64, which is currently the 9th greatest video game of all time!




Release date: 1999

Price at release: $299.00

This was the very first 128-bit system and you could actually play games from the first PlayStation on here as well as movies on DVDs. This marks the dawn of console games being played over high-speed internet connections.



XBOX 360

Release date: 2005

Price at release: $299.00

Microsoft makes its second appearance (first was the Xbox) into the console market with their expertise in PC technology. The games on Xbox 360 were more in depth and the graphics turned out to be much better too – and that’s why it is still the 6th highest selling video game console in history. Also, not to forget one of the most popular games released on here is Halo.



Release date: 2006

Price at release: $249.99

Here comes the very first interactive video game console, all thanks to Nintendo Wii. It is such a hit because it’s a very family-based console whereby you get to play games and exercise at the same time. No, Nintendo is not responsible for any injuries sustained while using their console.

Here are some of the past video gaming consoles that have almost been forgotten over the years. Enjoyed this article? Comment below!

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