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5 footballers who never skipped leg day: Part 2

Have you checked out the first part of this article? If you haven’t, you can do so here. Now, here’s a list of footballers who never say no to leg workouts!

1.Jack Grealish

The 24-year-old winger is currently playing for Aston Villa. Judging from how hard he trains in this video, we guess Grealish is going to be the next big thing in football. He took approximately six months of intensive gym work to transform his body following an injury. Check out his workout routine down below.

2.Wilfried Bony

Bony is an Ivorian professional footballer playing for Swansea City. He started playing street football from a young age and began his professional career at Issia Wazi in the Ivorian top flight. Looking at the muscles on his legs, we’re 100% sure he has never skipped leg day ever in his life.

Credit: Twitter

3.Roberto Carlos

The retired professional footballer used to play for Inter Milan and Real Madrid. Carlos was known for his running speed, skills and powerful freekicks. Not just that, he was also feared by many due to his monstrous thighs.

Credit: Bleacher Report

4.Xherdan Shaqiri

Shaqiri is a winger playing for Premier League club Liverpool. In the past, he used to play for Inter Milan, Stoke City and Bayern Munich. Recently, the 28-year-old footballer suffered from a minor hamstring injury and the news was confirmed by Jurgen Klopp himself. Shaqiri took a week off to recover and is now back in training.

Credit: EPA

5.Marc Overmars

The Dutch former footballer is currently the director of football at Ajax. Despite spending so much time at the gym working on his stamina and physique, Overmars was somewhat injury-prone throughout his career.

Credit: Who ate all the pies

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