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Best and worst man-buns in football

We thought the man-bun trend is over but it’s actually not because just recently we spotted Ronaldo with this trend and we’re pretty sure we’re going to see a lot more of the hairstyle this year.

Let’s check out some of the best and worst man-buns in football.

1.David de Gea: YASSS

Not everyone can pull off the shaved sides man-bun but De Gea totally rocked this hairstyle! Currently playing as a goalkeeper for Manchester United, he definitely has had some impressive hairstyle trends throughout the years.

Credit: The Busby Babe

2.Gareth Bale: YASSS

Another footballer who can rock the short or long hairstyle, the Real Madrid player always gave us some serious hair-envy moments. How can someone look so good with any hairstyle?

Credit: The Times

3.Loris Karius: YASSS

Karius is currently on loan at Besiktas from Liverpool. We’ve nothing to comment on his hair except that we honestly think Karius should consider being a model upon retirement. Agree?

Credit: The Liverpool Offside

4.Giovanni Simeone: SERIOUSLY?!

We’re not trying to be mean but seriously Simeone?

Credit: Xsmanchester

5.Ronaldo: NOPE

We didn’t expect this from Ronaldo, knowing how particular he is with his appearance. Do you know that during most matches, Ronaldo would ‘re-do’ his hairstyle at halftime? Yes! and for him to walk around with this sad man-bun, it’s confusing…

Credit: Tribuna

6.Harry Kewell: NOPE

When he was playing for Liverpool sometime in 2003 to 2008, Kewell decided to shock his fans with this ridiculous man-bun hairstyle. It is somehow an advanced version of the original one as Kewell’s hairstyle had two buns instead of one. #tbh, we won’t recommend anyone to try it.

Credit: beIN SPORTS

7.Zlatan Ibrahimovic: YASSS

The 38-year-old Milan player has been rocking this hairstyle since forever! We guess he knows what looks good on him.

Credit: Hypebeast

8.Andy Carroll: NOPE

To pull off the perfect man-bun style, you need to master the right way to tie and create the messy look but we think Carroll overdid it here. Kudos for the effort though.


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