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Champions League: What is the prize money?

Founded in 1955, Champions League is an annual club football competition organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Top-division European clubs go up against one another to decide the competition winners. But how much does UEFA award the winners?


The trophy is around 74cm and weighs approximately 11 kg. It’s made of silver and designed by a jeweller from Switzerland named Jorg Stadelmann. Only teams that won the Champions League three years in a row or five times overall will be awarded with the official trophy permanently. If the winner doesn’t fall in any of these categories, the club will be awarded with only the replica.


Preliminary qualifying round: RM 1,074,868 (€230,000)

First qualifying round: RM 1,308,535 (€280,000)

Second qualifying round: RM 1,775,869 (€380,000)

Third qualifying round: RM 2,243,203 (€480,000) 

Group match victory: RM 12,618,018 (€2,700,000)

Group match draw: RM 4,206,006 (€900,000)

Round of 16: RM 44,396,730 (€9,500,000)

Quarter-finals: RM 49,070,070 (€10,500,000)

Semi-finals: RM 56,080,080 (€12,000,000)

Losing finalist: RM 70,100,100 (€15,000,000)

Winning the Final: RM 88,793,460 (€19,000,000)

On top of all that, the UEFA Champions League is sponsored by multinational corporations such as Experia Group, Heineken, MasterCard, Nissan, Sony and Adidas to name a few. 

In the beginning, the management only allowed a maximum of eight companies to sponsor the event, but as the competition started to gain exposure, UEFA decided to not limit the sponsors anymore.

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