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Football vs Futsal

Football is a very famous sport and pretty much everyone knows how the game goes but what about futsal? Do you know the exact differences between football and futsal? No? Great!

Here are seven differences between football and futsal that everyone should be aware of:

The location

Football or soccer is an outdoor game while futsal is an indoor game. Some courts are nicely air-conditioned (if you’re lucky) but most courts have shared fans.

Field size

Since football is an outdoor sport, the field size is much larger than futsal.

Number of players

Football requires 11 players on each side while futsal only needs 5 players.


In football, only three substitutions are allowed whereas futsal has unlimited subs in a game.


Football’s half time is at the 45th minute while it is 20 minutes in futsal. Besides that, there is one time out per half in futsal but no time outs in football.

Basic rules

Best thing about futsal is there isn’t any offside rule, unlike football. Besides that, there is an unlimited back pass to goalkeeper in football. Futsal on the other hand gets only one back pass to the goalkeeper.


Last but not least, it is standard to use a running clock in football whereas a stop clock is standard in futsal.



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