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Do not do these 5 things when you are setting fitness goals

2020 is around the corner and almost everyone is busy setting up fitness goals. Find out what are the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to setting fitness goals.

Mistake 1: Unrealistic goals

If you plan to lose 20kg in a short period of time, then we are sad to let you know that it’s almost impossible and even if it’s possible, your health will be at risk. So, make sure you think this through, have a proper plan. Try to lose weight slowly so that it is easy for you to sustain it.

Mistake 2: Comparing yourself to others

You probably get inspired to lose weight after you met your long-lost friend who is now in great shape but make sure to not compare your journey to his or hers as you don’t know what they’ve been through to achieve it. Just relax and enjoy your process. Yes, it might take some time but you’ll get there if you’re consistent enough.

Mistake 3: Not doing anything about your diet

Losing weight is all about nutrition and exercise. If you neglect one of these, then you’ll not achieve your goals. Make sure to have a proper nutrition plan, and also don’t forget to follow through!

Mistake 4: Neglecting balance

When you workout; your body needs time to recover! Most people don’t understand this, they think by working out non-stop, 7 days a week, they will reach their goals faster but that’s not the case. You should allow your body to rest before working out again.

Mistake 5: Impatient

Everyone loses patience when they don’t achieve their goals in the first few months. They fail to understand that their body requires time and the sooner they understand this, the better. Give your body the time it deserves.

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