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Is it safe to workout right before bed?

Some of us cannot workout during the day and are instead forced to do it at night. But is it safe to workout right before your bedtime?

It was previously believed that working out right before bedtime is bad for your health but there were no studies to back up the statement. And now, new studies have found that exercising before bed may actually improve sleep

A study published in Sports Medicine found that those who exercised within four hours of going to sleep have better sleep quality. The study also revealed that participants who exercised before their bedtime enjoyed more hours of deep sleep.

However make sure you stick to these following rules if you’re planning to workout late in the evening;

Workout intensity

Sleep Medicine published a journal in 2014 claiming that they did a test on 52 healthy adults who performed intense workouts before bedtime, and found out that the harder the workout, the better they actually slept. However in 2019, Sports Medicine conducted a research and found that those who worked out rigorously before bedtime had trouble falling asleep because it took them longer to normalize their heartbeat. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to take it easy!

Give your body time

Yes some studies proved that it’s good to workout at night but avoid working out too close to your bedtime. Give your body an hour or two to cool down.

It really depends on your body

If your body can take it, go ahead and workout in the evening but if it starts to give you a negative impact, avoid it. Listen to your body.

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