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What is LISS training?

Tired of your HIIT training? Try the LISS workout today! Learn more about LISS in this article.

LISS stands for Low-Intensity Steady State cardio. It’s basically the opposite of what HIIT is… HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training focuses on pushing yourself for a short burst of time while LISS is any form of cardio exercise where you maintain the same low-intensity cardio pace. You could also opt for LISS on days that you don’t feel like pushing yourself as it also burns fat and helps with muscle adaptations. 

If you still can’t quite tell the difference between LISS and HIIT; always remember that when you’re doing a LISS workout you should still be able to hold a conversation whereas for HIIT, you should not be able to talk at all.

Examples of LISS 

  • Power walking
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

Benefits of LISS

Fat Loss

According to a study, steady-state training is more effective to lose weight as your body will use fat as fuel instead of using glycogen stored in your muscles. 

Appropriate for everyone

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, LISS is for everyone. It is easier and you won’t put your body under much pressure.

Recovery won’t take that long 

HIIT may take days to recover from but LISS doesn’t require that long as you’re putting less stress on your heart and body. Also you could perform LISS as a recovery workout.

Perfect to build your endurance

Since LISS puts less stress on your heart, you are likely to exercise for a longer period of time which helps build endurance. 

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