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Tournamentor Privacy Policy

General information for client

This Privacy Policy sets out Tournamentor developed collects, stores and manages your personal data obtained by Tournamentor when you register and access Tournamentor Platform owned and operated by the Kreatrz PLT(“Tournamentor”). You expressly agree to the terms of this Policy and the collection, use, transfer, storage and processing of your personal data as described in this Policy by providing your personal information to Kreatrz PLT via Tournamentor Platform.

All the data we ask you to register as necessary users in order to be able to provide you with the services offered by Tournamentor through its portal and in accordance with the functionalities and options offered by us, which is why the non – compliance with any of the data may make it impossible to provide the services offered by our platform correctly. Your data will be used to maintain, develop and control our legal relationship as a Tournamentor user, as well as to maintain your information or documentation requests.

The information you provide must be correct and up – to – date at the time you include it, so it is your duty to ensure its authenticity and veracity. In the event of any changes to your data, please inform us quickly and diligently of any changes to your data for the sole purpose of keeping our file permanently updated and without any errors in relation to your data. All your user data will be available for this purpose and you can modify them if you understand them properly through the Tournamentor Platform’s user configuration options.

  • Consent for commercial purposes

By using Tournamentor, you will be able to see advertising both from our companies and from the sports sector, event organizers and sports.

Commercial information may also be sent by post, email, SMS, or any other equivalent electronic communication means; Therefore, and prior to sending, you expressly accept this type of communication.

  • Age of participation

In accordance with Malaysian law, you must be over 18 years of age or be authorized by your parents and / or legal guardians in order to be a Tournamentor user. You can therefore accept the privacy policy and become a Tournamentor user only if you guarantee you are older than this age. You are solely responsible for obtaining this permit and you are solely responsible for stating that you are over the age of 18.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tournamentor may contact you to prove your real age and, if applicable, prove to have the corresponding authorization from your parents or guardians. In this case, you must provide us with a copy of the NRIC or other official document containing that information, as well as any other documentation that may be required, if not, Tournamentor may temporarily or definitively deactivate and cancel your profile.

  • Consent for the communication of your personal data

By being a user of the Platform, you know and agree that your personal data, both those provided by you and those generated as a result of your participation in the various sporting competitions, can be shown to other Internet users accessing our Tournamentor and other Tournamentor users. In particular, you must be aware that any Internet user can consult the results of participation in these competitions via the Tournamentor website or the applications developed by this entity.

Likewise, the user agrees that their personal data may be communicated to companies or organisations in the following sectors of activity: companies in the sports sector, event organisers and sports

With the exception that they inform you about their own products and services. You agree that these communications may be made by electronic means.

If you request to be removed as a user of our platform, your data will be kept blocked, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations during the established legal deadlines.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and as long as you do not tell us otherwise, we may continue to use your data to send you commercial communications under the conditions set forth in the previous precepts.

  • Access to the Data by third parties

We inform you that some companies may access your data solely for the purpose of providing a service to Tournamentor, such as computer service providers, hosting companies, etc., without the use of your data for any other purpose or in their own interests.

  • Confidentiality and security measures (protection of your personal data)

Tournamentor will treat your Data at all times in an absolutely confidential manner and in accordance with the uses and purposes expressly provided for above. Likewise, we inform you that Tournamentor has implemented the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security of your Data in accordance with the provisions of Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) 2010.

Kreatrz PLT/ Tournamentor shall not keep your personal data for longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of its obligations in respect of the processing of your applications and / or registration, unless such retention is necessary for the fulfilment of any regulatory function, under any law or in respect of any court order or judgment.

  • Exercise of rights

At all times, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your data, in the terms provided by law, by going to the above mentioned Tournamentor postal address, and attaching a copy of the document that proves your identity.

Likewise, you may revoke by the means indicated above and at any time, the particular consents that we request in this clause, without retroactive effects.

Please note that despite requesting that all of your account information be deleted from our database, we may retain information useful for the production of statistics or other non-profit or advertising purposes or simply for archival purposes.

  • Changes in our Privacy Policy

In case we decide to modify our Privacy Policy, we will make public the new version on the Tournamentor website, we will make it available through the Tournamentor Mobile Application.

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